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We are a small independently owned online store. Our core business practice is to constantly strive to bring you a totally discreet, secure and high quality online love coupon shopping experience.

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Minimal Personal Information Is Required

When customizing coupons, you can provide personal details to make the your coupons more realistic. Those details can be a simple first name, nickname, or any other phrase to "fill in the blank" to make the coupon look good.

Any Personal Information Provided Is Not Sold, Rented, or Traded

Any personal information that you'd choose to provide while customizing your coupons or registering will not be sold/rented/traded/used to send mail/catalogs/etc. Many companies online tend to collect this type of information and use it for marketing purposes, so beware who you purchase from. We are not and will never be one of those companies. We do not want that type of junk coming to our door, so we won't impose that on you.

Will I receive unsolicited emails or postal mail?

We value your privacy. You will not receive any unsolicited email or postal mail, nor will we sell your contact information to any 3rd parties. However, note that when you sign up for an account, you may optionally subscribe to our e-newsletter. Also, when you place an order you may optionally receive an order confirmation email. Similarly, if you request us to send your password via email, you will indeed receive an email.

Discreet Billing

Your Credit/Debit Card statement shouldn't contain our domain name, and thus should be relatively discreet. Your statement will not display the contents of your coupon order.

Payment Information Is Secure

All monetary transactions are handled via PayPal and we have absolutely no ability to gain access to your banking information.

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