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Create your own personalized love coupons with your mobile phone, tablet or computer using Coupons for my Lover's exclusive online coupon designer. In about 10 minutes, you can customize quickly and easily our printable love coupons and then either download and print them for free with first-class professional results, or setup convenient paperless online redemption using a mobile phone or tablet!

Our easy to use online tool combined with over 55 predefined yet customizable top-quality love coupon designs makes it simple to personalize professional looking printable love coupons specifically for your husband or wife from the convenience of your own electronic device! Simply configure your love coupons, download, and then print out them as many times as you want for free, or opt to setup simple digital online redemption. Looking for something steamier? Check out our sex coupons.


Fulfill Fantasy with Love Coupons

Ideal Romantic Gift

Perhaps your relationship is more like Romeo and Juliet than romantically challenged? Either way, Coupons for my Lover personalized printable romantic coupons are the ideal way to win your lover’s heart, reaffirm your love, reignite your relationship’s fire, explore new territory, melt away aches, or spice up the bedroom among other things. Love coupons also make a great romantic gift for your anniversary celebration, Christmas, or to show your appreciation to your spouse anytime during the year.

Regardless of your need, Coupons for my Lover offers a fun, unique way of personalizing the perfect romantic gift for your special someone. Wives, treat your husband to a series of romantic love coupons for him to remind your man of your desire for him. Best of all, you don’t have to wait for them to ship by mail. Simply choose, customize, and download for free!

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Free Love Coupons

Although we offer an excellent selection at a great price, you can even benefit from our free printable love coupons offer. Sure, there may other free love coupon options available, but your lover didn't settle for second best, so why should you? Check out our selection and you'll agree that any other option is best for your ex!

Personalized Love Coupons

Modify the look-n-feel to fit your lover’s gender and/or ethnicity.

Easily personalize love coupons for at-home printing with your lover’s name. Add your name, too! Click the image below for more details.

Printable Love Coupons

Adjust the “fine print” to customize the redemption benefits.

Use our background photos or upload your own photos to add an even more personalized touch.

Set your romantic coupons to “expire” near your lover’s birthday, holiday, or anniversary (after all, these sexy coupons may be mutually beneficial for redemption).

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Rave Reviews

Satisfied customers say it best. Check out our customer testimonials.


Quality Love Coupons

Our product is designed with visual authenticity, aesthetic appearance, and professional print quality as top priorities. In other words, our printable romantic coupons look as close to the real thing as possible to offer the best possible presentation for both the recipient and the giver. Download a sample love coupon page to experience what we mean.

Our exclusive technology dynamically personalizes your love coupons based on your input and delivers them as an Adobe Acrobat PDF, used by the professional printing industry to maintain optimal quality. Our romantic printables have everything configured for trouble-free printing, and do not have any sort of advertising on the finished product. Our ad-free site is focused on empowering you to easily and quickly create a personalized array of printable love coupons for him or her. Many of our selections look great printed in black & white, while the ability to optionally remove background images caters to those who wish to save printer ink.

Also, for those without access to a printer, after purchase you can setup digital redemption so your love can redeem their love coupons by using their mobile phone, tablet, or computer without having to install an app.

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What is a Love Coupon?

Printable love coupons are romantic vouchers or I.O.U.s gifted to your loved one that encourage them to capitalize on the opportunity for a playful, relaxing, or intimate encounter with you by redeeming them at their impulse. Love coupons are a great way to express your heartfelt devotion to your spouse, or introduce new sensual passionate play in a fun, unique way.  Love coupons for him are the perfect way to fulfill his intimate desires, while love coupons for her speak to her need for romance and relational stability. Sexy love coupons make an attractive gift for any birthday, holiday, or any other romantic occasion and will undoubtedly heat up your love life!

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