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About Coupons for my Lover


The basic idea for Coupons for My Lover was formed during the early years of the founder's marriage after the turn of the millennium. It started as little love notes to one another and eventually transformed into the idea of "coupons". Since that time, many websites and printed material have commercialized the concept, yet all implementations have lacked the ability to personalize the end product with one's spouse in mind. Coupons for my Lover started as the first personalized love coupon generation system in 2008.

Our Goal

Our goal is to offer married couples a unique, personalized, tasteful, non-pornographic way to enrich their emotional, physical, spiritual, and sexual intimacy within the confines of their marriage by offering spouses a new way to communicate. We truly hope our efforts can improve the bond between husband and wife by breaking down communication barriers, inhibitions, and thereby ultimately strengthen their relationship.



Several of the icons in use on the site are part of the icon library freely available here:

Coupon Background Images

Some coupon and website images are used under license from JupiterImages Corporation.

Some coupon and website images are due to the generosity of several individuals on Stock.XCHNG, the leading FREE stock photo site.


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