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Massage Love Coupons for my Lover

Massage, whether tender or sensual, is always a sure way to romance your lover! Give your lover the gift of touch with one or more of these truly sensual massage love coupons. Click on a massage coupon image below to personalize its background, title, and other features.

Back Massage Thumbnail
4 Backgrounds with 8 Variations

Back Massage Love Coupon

Our tender touches back massage love coupon is a perfect way to say "I love you" or perhaps initiate a romantic interlude.

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Foot Rub Thumbnail
3 Backgrounds

Foot Rub Love Coupon

There's nothing better for tired feet than a little love and care. A foot massage is refreshing and invigorating, especially if you use a little peppermint oil.

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Forearm Massage Thumbnail
2 Backgrounds

Forearm Massage Love Coupon

A gentle forearm massage is the perfect fix for tired arms. Treat your lover to one today!

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Full Body Massage Thumbnail
3 Backgrounds

Full Body Massage Love Coupon

A full body massage is the perfect way to let your imagination run wild, as well as showing your lover how much you love and desire him/her. Add a little body oil, and you are in for some fun!

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Leg Massage Thumbnail
3 Backgrounds

Leg Massage Love Coupon

The perfect gift for the athlete in your life, a leg massage rubs away aches and pains. Don't forget the kisses, especially behind the knees, if you are hoping for a little exercise yourself.

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Shoulder Massage Thumbnail
5 Backgrounds

Shoulder Massage Love Coupon

Give your lover's sexy shoulders some attention! A lot of tension can be held in the shoulders, so this massage can bring relief from stress and tension.

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Create Your Own Thumbnail
7 Backgrounds

Create Your Own Love Coupon

Don't see what you're looking for? Create your own love coupon for your lover by specifying the title, subtitle, and fine print. You can even choose from over 100 of our custom backgrounds. It's easy to create the perfect romantic love coupon for him or her!

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