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Spicy Love Coupons for my Lover

Just reading about these hot and spicy coupons will get your heart racing! Give these sexy love coupons to your lover to turn up the heat in your relationship. Pick and choose how you're going to spice up your relationship. Click on a spicy coupon image below to personalize its background, title, and other features.

Cover Me Thumbnail
5 Backgrounds with 20 Variations

Cover Me Love Coupon

Out of ideas? We've got you covered. In chocolate, that is. Or try one of our other tasty, lickable suggestions. It's a great way to have dessert and work it off at the same time!

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Gambler Thumbnail
7 Backgrounds with 35 Variations

Gambler Love Coupon

Is your lover a bit of a risk-taker? Or do they get a bit of a thrill when the stakes are high? Encourage them to ante up a love coupon and let it ride on a sporting event where the outcome will determine their reward or yours! We're willing to bet that this will be a hit with you and your lover no matter the winner.

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Halftime Home Run Thumbnail
2 Backgrounds with 16 Variations

Halftime Home Run Love Coupon

Want to make sure your lover doesn't forget you during the game? Get the attention you desire and score some major points with our Halftime Home Run coupon.

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Have Your Way With Me Thumbnail
5 Backgrounds with 20 Variations

Have Your Way With Me Love Coupon

Empower your lover with the ultimate chance to express themselves. With our "Have Your Way With Me" coupon, you'll probably get your way, too.

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Intimate Shopping Trip Thumbnail
6 Backgrounds with 30 Variations

Intimate Shopping Trip Love Coupon

This shopping trip could give you the opportunity to make a list of intimate items that your lover needs to shop for, or give them the opportunity to pick up some fun sexy adult things of their own. Tailor your love coupon to meet your mutual needs!

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Kisses Thumbnail
5 Backgrounds with 35 Variations

Kisses Love Coupon

There is something about the touch of lips on skin that is so intimate. With this coupon, your lover can invite you to explore their body with your lips, whenever or wherever you choose.

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Photo Shoot Thumbnail
2 Backgrounds with 4 Variations

Photo Shoot Love Coupon

Does your lover drool over models in magazines? Well, give your lover what they really want -- you! Why not be the model as your lover gets behind the camera to direct you in a private photo session? They'll choose your real photos over the replacement models every time.

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Photo Shoot - Prints Thumbnail
1 Background with 2 Variations

Photo Shoot - Prints Love Coupon

Your lover has had the fun of directing a photo shoot...now reward them by granting them license to print! Of course, these photographs probably won't go on the family room wall.

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Risky Business Thumbnail
5 Backgrounds with 10 Variations

Risky Business Love Coupon

Getting down to "business" can be exciting, especially if there is a little risk involved! Invite your lover to open up your relationship to some risky business with this love coupon.

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Skinny Dip Thumbnail
4 Backgrounds with 20 Variations

Skinny Dip Love Coupon

Who hasn't fantasized about a daring naked dip in the water? This coupon is sure to bring a sense of adventure to your relationship. All you need for the swim is your birthday suit.

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Movie Star Thumbnail
5 Backgrounds with 45 Variations

Movie Star Love Coupon

Ready for a little role play? Here's the chance for you and your lover to become movie stars. Of course, it's probably not the type of movie you'd upload to YouTube. Camera not required, but recommended!

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Create Your Own Thumbnail
7 Backgrounds

Create Your Own Love Coupon

Don't see what you're looking for? Create your own love coupon for your lover by specifying the title, subtitle, and fine print. You can even choose from over 100 of our custom backgrounds. It's easy to create the perfect romantic love coupon for him or her!

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