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Surprised EyeFree love coupons can easily be created using Coupons for My Lover's website! That's right, you can you use our exclusive online love coupon creation system for free to create high quality love coupons. Love coupons can be thought of as romantic vouchers or I.O.U.s given to your significant other that enable him or her to redeem them at their impulse for a sexy, playful, or romantic encounter.

Free love coupons? How do I get them?

Obtaining your printable free love coupons is simple. Simple log in to the My Account area and get your Share with a Friend referral code. Then, simply share it with anybody you know (or don't for that matter). Put it on your Facebook wall, Google+ page, MySpace page, send it via email, Twitter it...anything. Anytime an order for love coupons is placed using your referral code, you earn 2 free love coupons!

Why would someone use my referral code?

Your Share with a Friend referral code allows the purchaser to receive a 10% discount on their love coupons order. More Info »

What's the catch with your free printable love coupons offer?

There is no catch. If another individual places an order for love coupons with your referral code, your account is immediately credited 2 free love coupons for you to redeem on the site at any time. Earning printable free love coupons is that easy.

Is my selection limited when I redeem my free love coupons?

No. All the coupons on the site are the coupons you may choose from when redeeming your printable free love coupon credits.

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