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Sensual and Erotic Love Coupons for my Lover

The sensual and erotic love coupons for her or him are designed to engage your senses and steam up your relationship and your windows. Combine them with some spicy love coupons for a night/morning/day you won't forget. Click on a sensual and erotic coupon image below to personalize its background, title, and other features.

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Choose Your Fantasy Love Coupon

Perhaps your lover may be interested in a little role playing to spice up your sex life? This coupon is a great way for them to choose something that may pique their desire. Choose from our ready-made list or leave a blank to have them write in one of their own!

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Full Body Massage Thumbnail
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Full Body Massage Love Coupon

A full body massage is the perfect way to let your imagination run wild, as well as showing your lover how much you love and desire him/her. Add a little body oil, and you are in for some fun!

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Genie Thumbnail
2 Backgrounds with 8 Variations

Genie Love Coupon

Sometimes wishes do come true. Be the genie who grants whatever your lover desires with our "genie" love coupon, where his or her wish becomes your command.

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Have Your Way With Me Thumbnail
5 Backgrounds with 20 Variations

Have Your Way With Me Love Coupon

Empower your lover with the ultimate chance to express themselves. With our "Have Your Way With Me" coupon, you'll probably get your way, too.

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Kisses Thumbnail
5 Backgrounds with 35 Variations

Kisses Love Coupon

There is something about the touch of lips on skin that is so intimate. With this coupon, your lover can invite you to explore their body with your lips, whenever or wherever you choose.

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Lap Dance Thumbnail
6 Backgrounds with 12 Variations

Lap Dance Love Coupon

Your lover would love a little performance starring you! Tantalize and tease with a little frottage and they'll be begging for an encore performance.

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Strip Tease Thumbnail
5 Backgrounds with 15 Variations

Strip Tease Love Coupon

Treat your lover to a risqué show for their eyes only and you undress before their eyes. Combine the strip tease with the intimate shopping trip coupon to make their fantasy complete.

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Create Your Own Thumbnail
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Create Your Own Love Coupon

Don't see what you're looking for? Create your own love coupon for your lover by specifying the title, subtitle, and fine print. You can even choose from over 100 of our custom backgrounds. It's easy to create the perfect romantic love coupon for him or her!

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